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Joe T (Bentley Arnage Red Label)

"My car had a gearbox check light showing, almost from when I bought it. I spent ages going around a succession of dealers and "specialists", to no avail. NRT were recommended to me, they had the car for a couple of days and the problem was solved, and has been fine ever since."

Tony T (Bentley T2)

"Nick has maintained my T2 for 8 years. He is dedicated and conscientious, and as a result, I have complete trust in him and his abilities."

Michael K (Bentley 4 ¼ 1937)

"NRT rebuilt the engine and did a fantastic job. They offered very friendly service, and I was always welcome to call in and see how progress was going. They always showed fine attention to detail, and took great care of my beloved Bentley."

Russell R (Bentley Turbo R RT)

"My car had a mineral oil leak, and I made loads of visits to marque specialists, but got nowhere. NRT were recommended to me, and sure enough the problem was fixed. NRT are the only people I trust to take care of my car."

Phil L (Bentley Turbo R)

"NRT re sprayed my car to concourse standard, even now people make comment on the finish. Their attention to detail was fantastic, and I have now had the vehicle maintained by them for the last 5 years."